Monday, July 28, 2014

Get Cycling! | Grandell Rehabilitation and Nursing Center

Are you a senior citizen looking for something fun and healthy to do this summer? Want incorporate exercise into your daily active routine but can't figure out how?

For more active senior citizens, biking is a great low-impact sport which is very enjoyable. However, there are certain safety tips seniors need to be aware of before going out for a ride:

1) Know the rules of the road for bikers in your area.

2) Ride on familiar roads or research roads before going biking on them. The roads one bikes on should be designated bike paths and be well lit.

3) For seniors it is especially important to not ride alone but to instead bike with family and friends.

4) Always wear a helmet in order to limit head injuries

Aren't up to biking the trails? A stationary bike maybe a good option. You can bike for miles and miles without leaving home (or your gym), rain or shine!

Hopefully these  tips will help ensure seniors have a more enjoyable and safer biking experience!​